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The Seymour Boston is a historic 18th-century townhome in downtown Boston available for lodging and events. The Seymour house didn’t have an online presence, so they wanted a website that they could use to showcase the eclectic nature of the home and make it easy to rent out on AirBnb.


We created a cohesive and responsive website that matched the modern 18th-century feel of The Seymour House. We collaborated with their photographer, Selmon Rafey, to gather new photos that we then integrated into the website.


We backlinked all the photos and pages on the website to improve it's SEO and cross-linked the website with the house's AirBnb listing to create as many access points as possible for potential guests. View The Seymour's website here.


Aaztlan Toros is a livestock broker and dealer consultancy based along the Texas-Mexico border. They breed and transport beef, commercial, and rodeo bulls in Mexico and in states like Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Since Aaztlan works with clients on both sides of the border, they needed a website with all of their content in both English and Spanish. Our solution was to break the website up down the middle with Spanish copy on the left of every page, and English copy on the right.


Aazlan wanted minimal design elements so the focus could be on text and photos of their cattle. Together, we decided to include textures like wood, bulletin boards, leather, and rope, to match the feel of their industry. We created digital pedigree charts that match their brand to map out the embryos they have for sale. View Aaztlan Toros' website here.


Elizabeth Anker is a contralto vocal coach based in the Greater Boston Area. Elizabeth needed help rebranding herself as a voice teacher in Boston.

Her goals were to:

1. Showcase herself as a for-hire voice teacher in Boston

2. Highlight her project, The Mockingbird Trio, and make it easy for people to reach out to the composers invloved in the project

3. Create a branded website experience that is subtle, yet showcases her personality​


Together, we designed a brand identity that shows off just who she is-- an eclectic, fun-loving contralto! As part of the rebranding process, we designed a new logo and color scheme, along with a set of corresponding fonts. We packaged this together into a pdf sheet and used it as a guide for building out her website. View Elizabeth Anker's website here.


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